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Augustus Evander Floyd was the youngest son of Francis Floyd, Jr. and Christian Williams. He was born March 8, 1842 and died May 22, 1929. What happened in between helped give rise to twentieth century Fairmont.

Gus Floyd was one of twelve children born into a wealthy (for the times) family. As a child he was educated by a teacher hired by his father and other neighbors. He spent one session in a high school in Red Springs. At his father's death in 1856, Gus inherited slaves which he owned until their emancipation during the Civil War. At age 18 he moved to Fair Bluff to clerk in a store, but on July 20, 1861 he enlisted in the Robeson Rifle Guards (click here to view service record), Co. D, 8th NC Volunteers (which became the 18th NC Regiment) where he served with distinction throughout the war, fighting in many major battles and ending at Appomattox Court House. He and five friends hiked from there back to Robeson County, living off the generosity of many people along the way.


Photo credit: "L" Floyd, used with permission

In the spring of 1870 he joined the Ashpole Baptist Church and on September 15, 1870 married Adelia Melvina Pittman. The marriage was performed by Rev. A. R. Pittman, father of the bride and pastor of Ashpole Baptist Church. Together they had eleven children, nine of whom lived into adulthood. They were Francis, Marcus, Patrick, Dudley, Fulton, Augustus, Giles, Chrissy and Dinabel. Of these, Patrick, Fulton, Giles and Dinabel operated businesses in Fairmont. Chrissy taught school here and elsewhere.

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Seated, Gus Floyd, Adelia Pittman Floyd. Standing: N. R. Pittman, unidentified lady, A. R. Pittman. Photo credit: "L" Floyd, used with permission

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Gus Floyd, with Pat holding P. R., 1915-16. Photo credit: "L" Floyd, used with permission.

Gus farmed for a time but became a teacher, teaching at Baltimore School, Ashpole Institute, Ashpole Academy and the Red Cross Academy. He later became a justice of the peace, then a Recorder's Court Judge. His wife Adelia died March 3, 1913 when Gus was 70. At age 75 he married Sally Wise.

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Gus and Sally, with some of Gus' children and grandchildren. Photo credit: "L" Floyd, used with permission.

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Gus with four of his grandchildren, about a year before his death. Photo credit: "L" Floyd, used with permission.

To honor his service as a Confederate veteran, the newly organized chapter was named the Gus Floyd Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy on February 22, 1922. Miss Agnes Ashley, chapter historian, wrote a biography of Gus which appeared in the July 24, 1922 edition of The Robesonian.

Gus passed away on March 22, 1929 at the age of 87 and was buried in the cemetery across from Fairmont First Baptist Church beside Adelia.


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