Broadus E. Littlefield

Broadus E. Littlefield was born in Inman, SC on August 13, 1898 to William Walter and Loretta Littlefield. He was educated at the University of South Carolina, then briefly served in the U. S. Army at the end of World War I. He did graduate work at the University of North Carolina and was principal of Mooresville School from 1921 through 1925. In 1925 he was named superintendent of Jacksonville, NC, schools where he remained until being hired in May 1937 by Fairmont Schools as superintendent.

When Littlefield came to Fairmont, he faced inadequate, cramped facilities and little extra money to remedy this. He actively lobbied the county commissioners and the state department of public instruction for help and, in 1940, saw the construction of a classroom building and a gymnasium by the PWA. Other plans were on the drawing board when World War II intervened. Throughout the war his job was do make do with less money while encouraging students and faculty to conserve and buy war bonds. He was also tasked with replacing male teachers who had been drafted.

Building materials were still being rationed after World War II but Littlefield was able to secure funds and materials to upgrade the grammar school (high school) building. Second and third floor fire escapes were added, exit doors cut, metal-cased windows replaced wooden casings, more and improved electrical lighting and improved heating system were installed into the 25 year old building, all without losing a day of class time.

More plans were on the drawing board in expectation of the passing of a county-wide school bond referendum in 1949, but at the end of the school year Mr. Littlefield was offered the job as Superintendent of the Robeson County Schools, which he accepted. It was there that he came to be known as the building superintendent. Funded by the 1949 referendum and a state-wide bond referendum in 1953, he went on to construct 343 new classrooms for the county system, including Littlefield High School east of Lumberton.

Mr. Littlefield retired in 1965 and served the county board as a construction advisor for a few years. He died in 1976.


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